Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if after 48 hours I haven’t received my newTaza Mobile number with a confirmation text?

If you didn’t receive the text, or you deleted it but your SIM card has already been activated, call to 401002, follow the instructions and our electronic system will provide you with your new number. Once you have received the number you can start using the SIM card.
Before you have received the confirmation text the SIM card might be already active, since the system will automatically do it within 48 hours of the request. The activation process is by no means influenced by the delivery of the confirmation text, which is only a consequent step.

What should I do if I lost my PIN code?

If you have already inserted the incorrect Pin code three times, the fourth time your phone will be locked automatically. In order to unlock it you will need to use the PUK code, which you can find in the Starter Kit box. Please take into consideration to keep it in a safe place, separated from the phone.

What is the Interactive voice response (IVR)?

With the IVR term we refer to the interactive menu that allows you to perform different actions directly from you mobile, without having to contact the call center.

How do I get back the remaining balance from my SIM card?

You can ask for a refund of your remaining balance if you wish to deactivate the SIM card, or you voluntary withdraw from the contract, or you desire to perform a portability to another mobile operator.
The refund will be credited to another Taza Mobile SIM card, either registered under your name or someone else’s, or to your bank account.
We will refund you only your remaining balance at the moment of deactivation, after deducting any bonuses, discount, and promotions.

In case you request to be refunded to your bank account there will be a fee of € 6,50 for service purposes. You will be required to send the request to be refunded to your bank account, provided with your valid ID copy and the other person ID copy, in case you want to transfer your remaining balance to a SIM which is not registered under your name. You can send the required documents via registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Via Valvassori Peroni, 86 20133 Milan ITALY addressed to TAZA Mobile or via mail at

Is it possible to transfer the remaining balance from the other operator’s SIM, in case of portability?

Yes, it is possible to do so from 08/10/2009 pursuant to Del. 353/08/CONS.
You shall simultaneously request it to your previous operator while you ask for the portability, by filling the form in the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) module.

We will credit you the remaining balance, after deducting the costs applied by your previous operator. The remaining balance will be credited only in the case the portability is carried out successfully. In case you remaining balance is insufficient, null or negative, we will not be able to carry out the transfer. 

In case the portability is not successfully completed or you don’t request for the transfer simultaneously, you will always have the chance to ask for the refund according to the other manner prescribed.

If you ask for the transfer of your remaining balance, you won’t be able to ask for the refund in any other prescribed manner.