Group Founded in 2001 as a telecom operator to provide the services of telephony termination and the international calling cards for the Ethics.
In 2011 the group launched TAZA MOBILE prepaid Mobile Sim in Greece powered by Vodafone.
TAZA MOBILE is a solution for the ethnics who want to communicate with the loved ones back home. The aim is to provide low-cost high-quality National and International calls and Fastest Data service.
In 2016 the group Launched TAZA MOBILE prepaid services in Belgium with the cooperation of BASE. The vision was to launch a product that would fulfill the need for a new growing niche market.
2017 is the year in which the group decided to launch TAZA MOBILE prepaid services in ITALY powered by Vodafone/CIM.
The Idea is to provide a solution to ethnics in Italy with the best calling rates across the globe and fastest internet connectivity to make communication more easy and simple.

Chairman’s Message

The people behind TAZA MOBILE have made it continue success. Integrity, Teamwork, Dedications, and accountability are the core values, on which we build your trust.

Mission Statement

As the world’s leading telecommunication company. We’re proud to help millions of people in every corner of the globe connect, whether through texting, talking, working, swapping pictures or even watching movies.